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Inside Carol Rama

Il magazzino dell'anima

Publisched by Skira editor in collaboration with Fondazione Sardi per l'Arte

First edition 2014, 190pp

Extract from the introduction:

... Carol Rama has lived within these four walls for seventy years: here she has worked, eaten, slept, and received countless visitors. In the course of time, here she has assembled her objects of affection, many from her family, others given to her by friends: mementos of situations and people she has known. What may at first appear a haphazard arrangement is actually a highly pondered order, with nothing left to chance. In this sense, her home is both a work of art and the oeuvre of an entire life ...

Bepi Ghiotti/Maria Cristina Mundici

Inside Carol Rama (Eng)

isbn 9788857223803

Il Magazzino dell' Anima (Ita)

isbn 885722379

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