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Archival pigment print on Baryta

175x140 cm 

The research process in my works often raises questions and reflections on the relationship between man and his environment. Nature is often used as a key to question a human consciousness that has become almost drowsy. Water, a recurring theme in my work, is an element examined in all its forms and through which considerations are offered to question time, the immutable reality of things and the epochal changes we are going through. Since 2007, for a project that is still ongoing, I have been tracing the banks of numerous rivers scattered around the world to reach their respective sources, then shooting a single frame that encapsulates within it the entire process of searching and walking to get to the source. 

In this new series of works, the theme of water is interpreted in relation to some of the major issues facing humanity today, such as sustainability, climate change, and water pollution, starting with images of river waterfalls often taken during my long journeys.

The chromatic inversion transforms the color of water into dark tones, so that the flow of water is compared to that of oil, making us reflect on the current consumption of the two liquids.

In this way I continue toquestion one of the mediums I use the most (Photography) inviting the viewer to confront the impact that hydrocarbons have on the environment and at the same time question their use. The environmental problem, that is a consequence of our disconnection from nature and today’s acceleration towards a fully digitized world, is emphasized by the presence of evident pixels which are formed following the Fibonacci progression because of the recurring presence of this formula in Nature and to recreate a connection to the analog process that formed thought before the digital era. 

That is used to emphasize precisely the now taken for granted addiction we have with the artificial world, the surface of things, to which we now approach without much apparent precaution.

© Archivio Bepi Ghiotti 2023 - All rights reserved

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