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Fathers and sons   



As father as son, We're used to say.

The project was born due to a self-therapeutic need of a deeper understanding of the relationship binding fathers and sons, with the goal of investigating the ancient and unsolved love and hate conflict experienced within these two generations.

Using long exposure, compared to an instant shot, therefore having to shoot in the dark in order to achieve longer shooting times, allowed me to consider the deeper meaning of being in front of a camera and brought both the photographer and the people portrayed in a state of greater consciousness and intimacy.

I asked the couples of individuals, in the age of duty handover, to pose sittingone next to the other in a place which tells a story of their life together, and wait in the dark so that they would lose any tension, any attitude or pose to then expose the photographic slab for as long as a minute. 

Leaving a son with his father, still, in a state of abandon where I hide in the time passing by. Silence, together, and see what's left.

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