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Fathers and sons   


Archival pigment print on Baryta

35x28 cm

Series of 25 portraits


The relationship between fathers and sons is a complex context in which personal and collective identity intertwine and influence each other.

This project was born from a self-therapeutic need to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between fathers and sons, with the aim to investigate the ancient and often unsolved love-hate relationship between the two generations. Using long exposure on 4x5 inch film instead of an instant shot allowed me to shoot in the dark achieving longer exposure times, and consider the deeper meaning of being in front of a camera, bringing both the photographer and the people portrayed in a state of greater awareness and intimacy. I asked the couples of individuals, in a delegation of authority, to pose while sitting next to each other in a location which told a story of their shared life and to wait in the dark so that any tensions, sentiments or postures, perhaps even their personal identity, could be abandoned. Then, I exposed the photographic slab for as long as a minute. 

Leaving a son with his father, motionless, in a state of abandon as I concealed myself in the passing of time.
Like father, like son, they say.

© Archivio Bepi Ghiotti 2023 - All rights reserved

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