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Cast on this globe, without physical power, and without innate ideas; unable by himself to obey the constitutional laws of his organization, which call him to the first rank in the system of being; Man can find only in the bosom of society the eminent station that was destined for him in nature, and would be, without the aid of civilization, one of the most feeble and least intelligent of animals; a truth which, although it has often been insisted upon, has not as yet been rigorously demostrated.

Gettato su questa terra privo di forze fisiche e di idee innate, incapace di obbedire spontaneamente alle leggi costitutive dell’ordine organico che gli assegna il primo posto nel sistema degli esseri, l’uomo diventa capace di occupare la posizione eminente conferitagli dalla natura solo entrando a far parte della società; senza la civilizzazione, l’uomo sarebbe uno degli animali più deboli e meno intelligenti; questa verità è stata sovente enunciata, ma non ancora rigorosamente dimostrata.

From: An Historical Account of the Discovery and Education of a Savage Man, Or of The First Development, Physical and Moral, of The Young Savage Caught in the Wood Near Aveyron in the 1798.

Jean Itard 1802

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