Reframe is the result of an artistic operation, where author and time intersect as protagonists of a unique creative process. Ghiotti revisits old advertising pages, taken from glossy magazines, by observing their deterioration due to natural agents for years, and then fixing them again with new photographic shots.
The images break into small different fragments, which thicken into unexpected cores, opening to apophenic mechanisms of interpretation, even if the artist is not mainly interested in the abstract, or still vaguely figurative sinthesys of the final images. The final result is indeed just the vehicle which reflects the “action” that happened on the body of the image with the passing of time, a sort of meta-artistic performance that builts the image in its entirety.
The time of waiting ad the time of the author intersect and stop in the exact moment where the final image reach an aesthetical quality, which erects it to the status of work of art.
Ghiotti realizes a backwords operation: a deconstructive project , activated by the passing of time, thus reflecting on the destiny of mediatic protography. Time's iconoclastic action unmercifully consignes to the oblivion the bulimia of advertising images, which characterizes the speedy story of commercial brands. The same ageing wave which hits the names of the brands, still vaguely visible, seems to beat also the body's portions, thus suggesting the slow distruction and death of the image and of its symbolic content.
One can appreciate in Ghiotti's work a sort of “detachement” from the media he uses. Photography as a media and final product, seems to be deprived from its aura in favour of a more conceptual approach. The same approch Ghiotti shows in other works, such as in Sources, where time is again co-star in the creative action. A time of waiting and of searching, static as in Reframe, or dynamic as in Sources, in which Ghiotti pushes himself until the unexplored sources of eastern rivers, to interpret in a silent and neutral way the origin of the water flow and its image.
In Reframe there's no physical reclimbing towards a real and symbolic place, but a looking back by the artist to his long practice of advertising photography. A recall that moves towards an involutive direction, to the slow disintegration and disappearance of those images.

Fine Art Giclée on Dibond, 143x106cm, run of 5+2 AP