Sources moves on a symbolic territory so dense it risks bringing the audience into a hyper-trophic, overwhelming, excessive assignment of meanings, eventually minimizing the value of the artist's action, framing it in a far too easy system of semantic references.
Here's why it's necessary to look back to the long relationship between Ghiotti and Photography in order to better understand the value in the concepts of complexity/essentiality in the artist’s iconological research. The typical image bulimia in the advertising system forces the consumer addiction to ingesting a quantity of images among which the relationship between the contents seems to be built in retrospect, almost trying to "justify" some kind of plot in the mind of the audience, bringing it to an effective message decoding: simple, unique, unmistakable.
In Sources instead Ghiotti appears to move through a someway backwards path: starting extremely complex, loaded, a true generator of sense, finally renders it essential, flawless and noiseless. The chosen subject, significantly charged of symbolic attributions: place in which, according to many cosmogonist myths, water is separated from the earth to give birth to life, which focuses archetypal concepts such as sacredness, origin, boundary, nevertheless economic, political, environmental issues that have to do with water and it's incommensurable value, is solved in the final, synthetic, perfect form which we can see only after physically walking kilometers of land, after having left behind, along the road and during the time separating shootings - since 2007 - all the unnecessary, the blatant, the redundant.
As if, the most interesting re-appropriation that Bepi Ghiotti operates on the photographic tool was achieved through his personal, rather existential, path to synthesis. Almost telling about a trip backwards, made of subtraction and of lightening once he reached the sources. That only in the end shows a new symbolic, ancestral, sacred beginning, able to distill the initial complexity in a simple, essential vision.

Fine Art Giclée print on Dibond, 124x158cm, run of 5+2 AP
2007-Work in progress

Binah, Bali 2014 

Tigris-Birkleyn, Turkey 2011 

Castello di Rivara, 2010 

Severn, U.K. 2009 

Rhine, Switzerland 2008 

Po, Italy 2009 

Euphrates, Turkey 2011 

Loire, France 2008 

Rhone, Switzerland 2008 

Yellow River, Tibet, China 2012 

Mekong-Zaxiqiwa, Tibet, China 2012 

Elba, Czech Republic 2010 

Tigris-Hazar, Turkey 2011 

Volga, Russia 2010 

Thames, U.K. 2009 

Danube, Germany 2009 

Adige, Italy 2009 

Sebatu, Bali 2015 

Tiber, Italy 2008 

Ebro, Spain 2008 

Seine, France 2008 

Tagus, Spain 2008 

Castello di Rivara, 2010